Giving Circles

Do you want to learn about and participate in collaborative philanthropy?

Then giving circles may be for you.

Our circles allow you to:

  • Have a say in how your donations are used
  • Learn to be an effective, strategic philanthropist and grantmaker
  • Build community with other donors
  • Connect and be inspired by social justice advocates and their work
  • Connect with and learn more about the Women’s Foundation of California
  • Leverage your gift for greater impact.

Giving circles are a vital part of fulfilling our vision, mission and business model. Some are operated by Foundation staff, while others operate more independently.

As a giving circle member, you will receive education about strategic grantmaking and training to evaluate grant proposals, conduct site visits and make grants to effective organizations and programs. The circles have membership ranging from eight to 50 members and often a member serves as the chair for one cycle. Our giving circles welcome members at varying levels of income, wealth and philanthropic experience. Though there are minimum annual contributions required for each circle, we welcome donations of all levels to support the circle’s field of interest, strategy or geographic focus.

For more information about joining any of these giving circles or starting one of your own, please contact Michelle Ramos-Burkhart at or 213-346-3222.

Our current giving circles are: